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CE Payroll Service Simplifies the Payroll Process for Your Construction Business

Construction Payroll can be a hassle. Let us help save you time and money.

Payroll in the construction industry can be a challenging task. Unfortunately, most payroll companies simply provide a generic system for their clients and lack sufficient knowledge when it comes to the construction industry. At CE Payroll, the construction sector is our primary focus, enabling us to provide contractors with expert knowledge and service. Whether you currently pay fees to an outside service that fails to meet all of your needs, or you use your own accounting staff, CE Payroll Service offers a time and money-saving alternative that puts payroll in expert hands.

See how we can save you
money and headaches

At CE Payroll we understand what makes payroll different for contractors, including:

  • Prevailing Wage
  • Union Payroll
  • Multi-State
  • Multi-Local
  • Job Cost Reports
  • Labor Fringes
  • Worker's Comp by Skill
  • EEOC Reports
  • CE Payroll Benefits
  • Accurate and Efficient Tax payment and Filing
  • Direct Deposit to all employees
  • Integration with ComputerEase Software
  • Integration with FieldEase for time Entry
  • Mobile App for Time Entry
  • Mobile Solutions for Time Entry
  • Experienced Payroll Staff
  • Experienced Payroll Resources.
  • Garnishment & Child Support Tracking & Payments

If you are tired of having your staff devote valuable resources to processing payroll, let CE Payroll Service help. Call us at 1-800-544-2530 or 513-481-5800 or request a quote to learn more about this exciting new service!