Customer Spotlight & References

Tonya Sanborn with Action Heating

Bio: Action Heating is a premier residential furnace & AC contractor in Wisconsin servicing individual homes and large complexes including a 3-phase job consisting of over 244 units in phase one alone. In 2018 they really focus on job costing and its “game changing” effects for their business. They pride themselves on going above and beyond with customer service and that remains a focus.

History with CEP: Action heating was one of CE Payroll Service’s first clients back in 2014 and we appreciate their loyalty and input throughout the years.

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Robin and Cait with Moore Erection

Bio: Moore Erection, L.P. is a Texas-based commercial steel erector and prefab steel erector with a large portfolio of high value projects. Working on projects like the Majestic Historical Theater, the Alamodome, and the San Antonio Pearl & Brewery complex, this company deserves the 15+ awards they have won for excellent construction. The trend continues into 2018 as they complete work on the Skybridge at the Austin–Bergstrom International Airport and maintain their focus on great customer service.

History with ComputerEase: We’re going on 35 years with ComputerEase and were one of the first to use the software. We’ve been with CE Payroll a little over a year and have really loved the experience.

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Brian Albrecht with Albrecht Wood Interiors and Rhoads Estate Homes

Bio:  Albrecht Wood Interiors and Rhoads Estate Homes are branches of a construction operation based out of Dayton, OH that focus on the high end residential market.  Albrecht Wood Interiors specializes in high-end remodeling and custom woodwork; providing custom cabinetry, paneled rooms, and full

contracting services for large and small remodeling projects.  Rhoads Estate Homes is the new construction portion of the outfit, building new high-end custom homes.  The goal of their team is to offer a one-stop point of contact for their customers regardless of their home renovation or construction needs.  The team strives to exceed expectations at every turn, and with over 85% of clients returning for additional projects, that effort rarely goes unappreciated.


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Andy Toth with GEMCO 

Bio: GEMCO Constructors is a premier, Indianapolis based, contractor that provides comprehensive design and build solutions for its customers. Their specialties include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, building automation systems, and a service for their corporate, warehousing, and industrial operations. They were founded in July of 2014 and have had constant and measured success ever since because of their dedication to their employees and their efforts to empower their staff. 2018 and 2019 is a breakout year for GEMCO as they begin accepting projects in new sectors and diversifying their extensive project portfolio.

Mission Statement: GEMCO Constructors Mission is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule by employing and supporting motivated, consistent and focused teams. We empower our employees to do the right thing at the right time for the right cost, in order to build relationships with our customers and each other to drive a sustainable future.

History with CE Payroll: GEMCO joined ComputerEase and CE Payroll Service back in 2015 just as Andy was getting started with the company. They came from a PEO and loved how we integrated into ComputerEase and were able to educate their staff of the payroll module of their accounting software.

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