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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Service

Drawing up paper checks and stuffing envelopes takes up valuable time and resources. Even managing direct deposits on your own monopolizes a great deal of time. CE Payroll Service can offer you a better solution: simply process your payroll like normal and CE Payroll will take care of the rest. Your employees get paid on time and your HR Team can focus on other more productive areas, making your office more efficient and profitable.

The benefits of direct deposit include:

Direct deposit service can simplify your business and save you time and money by eliminating the expense of preparing and generating paychecks. CE Payroll enables you to pay your employees electronically by automatically depositing wages and benefits into their personal accounts.

Direct deposit also eliminates the need to generate paper checks for expense reimbursements, tax refunds, pensions, dividends, commissions and bonuses. Let CE Payroll do the work for you.

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