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Payroll Service

CE Payroll Service for Contractors

Our innovative and easy to use software takes the hassle out of your payroll processing.

Completing payroll the traditional way keeps you tied to your desk. CE Payroll Service provides you with the flexibility and freedom you need to do payroll when and where it’s convenient for you. As the construction industry’s leading expert in payroll for contractors we specialize in providing reports unique to contractors. CE Payroll Services will provide you with up-to-date software that enables you to manage:

Construction payroll is challenging enough without having to remember tax due dates and deadlines. Let us take that burden off of you by keeping you up to date on tax law, tax table, and rate maintenance.

At CE Payroll, the construction sector is our primary focus, enabling us to provide contractors with expert knowledge and service. Call us at 1-800-544-2530 or request a quote to learn more.

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